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Castlewood Ranch

"Rick Candau has worked on several grading projects on my property, including the installation of a 100'' x 120' hourse arena. His prices were competitve, he completed the work in a timely fashion, and he always did an excellent fob. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any type of tractor work he felt competent to perform, including the design, grading and installation of horse arenas."

Kelly M. Klett - J.D. Attorney at Law - Owner, Castlewood Ranch

Property Owner

"Rick did a couple of jobs for me awhile back. One was a gray water drain system for my rental and another for my house. He did a good job in an timely manner and I remain pleased with the job."

Joe Pendry

Landslide Survivor Story

"Dear Rick: We wanted to send this note of thanks for all your work. Our huge landslide was certainly one for the books! You were such a big help to us since the beginning.

We were so lost; not knowing what to do or where to start. Thankfully, we picked your name from the phone book and you were there for us the next day. You assessed our damages - and began digging us out - as soon as the county gave the o.k.

Two of our cars were completely buried, the lower three rooms were filled and our 100' driveway and landscaping had over 14' high mud. You were able to "expose" our vehicles, which we were able to drive out !  Then continued to clean off the driveway and rooms all to the county specs.

In addition, we appreciate your supplying us with referrals including geologist, engineer, legal professionals, the dump truck driver and a crew to dig. Who all figured out where to put 57 loads of mud. We believe we had the best team working for us who were able to work with the county and resolve problems caused by the slide - to get us back into our home.

Even though we still have a "mountain" of mud above us, you were able to create a berm out of it which redirects any other activity.

Thank you ! Thank you !! Thank you !!! A huge job that you handled with experience and care."

Steve and Gayle Bloomquist - Eureka Canyou Rd. Corralitos, Ca.

Windward Company

"Rick Candau has worked with us for 5 years. During that time he has excavated, graded and cleaned up lots. His work is impeccable and he is always under budget. He arrives on the job on time and always cleans up after himself. I highly recommend him and his company."

Edwards Jenkins, Windward Company, Inc. - Soquel, Ca.

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